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The Food and Farm Discussion Lab is an online resource that provides science-based information on nutritious whole foods, environmentally-friendly farming practices, and positive changes people can make in their food choices, in order to guide them towards healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

Our mission is to offer evidence-based articles and visual guides promoting healthy diets to the public. We also provide actionable home cooking tips and delicious recipes, as well as profiles of organic, local food producers and suppliers. We aim to spread news on food innovations that increase accessibility, and answer questions through our team of nutritionists and food scientists, working to debunk fad diet myths and promote the scientific basis for optimal human nutrition.

Start eating for health and sustainability today! On our website you can learn which whole foods deliver maximum nourishment, discover better choices for your body and the planet, gain inspiration from appealing seasonal meal ideas, and find local and organic food brands worth supporting. Join our community for expert advice.

Let’s build a healthier food culture together by making more informed food choices for the benefit of yourself, farmers, animals, and the next generation!