Answering the 3 Most Common Internet Objections to GMOs

November 21, 2016 Marc Brazeau 5

Any discussion of GMOs on the internet brings a swarm of commenters. No matter the topic, an inevitable pattern of comment is “Yes, but what the author ignores is (insert common anti-GMO myth)”.

Here are three of the most common tropes that litter those discussions.

The 10 Minor Realizations That Flipped My Thinking About GMOs

November 7, 2016 Marc Brazeau 1

I wasn’t ideologically opposed to genetic engineering, I just figured that given our current understanding of nutrition and ecology, the technology wasn’t really ready for prime time. I figured if we couldn’t figure out margarine, then we weren’t ready to start tinkering with plants at a genetic level. Common sense, right?

It took a while to realize that was an incorrect model for thinking about GE breeding. There are a number of realizations that I went through before leaving that behind. Here are ten of them: